Finding the Right Injury Lawyers in 2017

It is not difficult to find the right personal injury attorney if you use the Internet. However, you need to know what type of specialization of personal injury you need. This is a very vast field and every field requires a high degree of specialization to prepare  a good case and have a good chance to win adequate compensation for your injury.

For example, you will need a medical malpractice personal injury lawyer if your case pertains to injury caused by the negligence of a doctor or medical personnel or health care institution. If you are filing a car accident personal injury claim, you would need to hire a car accident personal injury lawyer – and so on.

3 Steps To Find The Best


Step 1: Take your search online. Type in the search bar ‘best personal injury lawyer [filed] [city/ state name]. You will get a large number of results. Narrow your search to 4-5 maximum professionals that suit your preference.

Step 2: Contact the personal injury firm or lawyer directly and ask for free and no obligation interview/ consultation. Most lawyers and firms would happily agree to accommodate your request.

Step 3: During the free consultation try to ascertain whether this particular personal injury attorney is the best for your needs. Talk about all the aspects of the case, including the fee at the this time.  After this step neither you nor your lawyer can walk out of the case.

Depending upon on the outcome of the interview, you may like to hire the professional, or repeat the process yet again to find another suitable candidate.


2 Traits of the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

A lot depends upon the quality of personal injury attorney you engage to fight your case. This is why it is critical that you know how to identify the right professional for the job. You might find yourself solicited by many personal injury lawyers when you are involved in an accident. However, before accepting the services of any one of these solicitors, find out whether they have the tributes that make a great personal injury lawyer/ firm:


They have a long list of great testimonials that you could verify at any given time. There are many personal injury attorneys who are willing to take up your case for a percentage of the compensation you win. Do not be tempted to chose any person that gets in touch with you for the personal injury  lawsuit. Choose only the firm or personal injury attorney that has the most impressive list of verifiable testimonials.

Recommendations From Clients And Peers

If any personal injury lawyer comes recommended by a friend or a known lawyer, the professional’s services would be rated top quality. No one recommends another unless they are sure of their ability. A friend would recommend the name of a personal injury attorney he knows only when he is sure that he is good. He would not risk his relationship with you with the wrong information on such an important issue.  Similarly, no attorney would recommend another unless he is sure of the outcome.

Other important attributes are long experience, ability to show empathy and genuine concern, and excellent credentials.

Finding a great attorney takes time and due diligence. Once you hire one and they do a great job on your case, consider sending them flowers from 1-800-Flowers.

Should I Get a Lawyer For A Car Accident

Your mind is swirling with questions and choices after getting into a car accident. Getting an injury lawyer for a car accident largely depends on the situation and the nature of the accident. The problems that arise from the awful events like car accidents, insurance claims, property damage and personal injuries, make the answer to the question, “Should I get a lawyer for a car accident?” a very easy “yes.”

Being involved in car accidents put your life and health condition in a risky situation. In fact, the whole process from filing the police report up to defending yourself in the court and ultimately, winning the case could be confusing and complicated. Aside from the financial burden that it may cause you, accidents like this could also make great impact on your reputation. This is possible if the other party decided to file complaints against you. Of course, you dont want to suffer from the possible consequences it may bring especially if you strongly believe that youre the victim.

Your car accident lawyer plays a huge role in the settlement and success of your case. Aside from making sure that you get the right compensation that you deserve against the negligent party, he/she also takes into consideration the idea that you are not being deprived of your rights. Basically, most cases really need the expert advices and professional services a car accident lawyer can provide. So to answer the question “Should I get a lawyer for a car accident?” is definitely a “Yes.” A case that involves the claiming of insurance coverage is best handled with a car accident lawyer on your side.

Now, you might ask, Where Should I get a lawyer for a car accident? Well, there are various ways in which you could find the lawyer that will perfectly suit your needs. With the help of technology, you could try browsing them on the internet. Plus, there are some websites you could check for the law services that they offer (preferably injury law only). So, how should I get a lawyer for a car accident? On this case, you could use the free online consultations being offered by the websites of some law firms. You could also e-mail or call them for your questions and inquiries.

For more information, please contact Brian D. Guralnick at Injury Law Offices of Brian D Guralnick, PA- Demand More at 561-616-9977, email or visit for details on a FREE CONSULTATION regarding your case. Law Offices of Brian D Guralnick:

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Satan And No-Fault Divorce

No-fault divorce was introduced to the world by Russia in 1917. Prior to then the church defined the boundaries of marriage and family life, and because God hates divorce, divorce was virtually unheard of. But after the Communist Revolution, the State, by instituting an easy path to the destruction of the family, was then able to keep political control of the very people they “intended” to free; i.e., instead of turning to whatever church or synagogue they attended regarding their marriage, people now had to turn to the government, thereby giving the State immense power and control it didnt have previously.

So out of the birth of Communism was born no-fault divorce.

No fault divorce was instituted in America in California in 1970. As of today, all 50 states are no-fault states. Meaning that should one wish to divorce his partner, the person he swore he would be faithful to until death, he can simply walk away without having to prove said person did anything wrong. And people wonder why marriages are in trouble — they are in trouble because as a society we treat them as if they have no value whatsoever. The marriage contract is no contract at all — its a whim.

A simple fact of life — by making marriage worthless, weve made it too easy to just walk away rather than fight to keep our word and save our family. People get married today while saying, “Well, if it doesnt work out we can always get divorced.” With that attitude, it is no wonder most marriages fail.

Americans will sue anyone for almost anything. We wont allow injustice, real or perceived. We want every contract, verbal or written, enforced to the “T,” but want our marriage contract destroyed almost instantaneously because we feel like it, or weve found another “soul mate.” Again, marriage is no longer revered, because as a society we no longer give it meaning or reverence.

And the children of divorce are harmed beyond what we were at first told by so-called “experts” in the early 70s. Back then it was argued that it would be better for kids if they werent raised in an unhappy home, even if that meant they would, in effect, lose one parent in the process. Of course, time has revealed the lie. In my book, “No Innocent Affair,” I offer statistics regarding children who lose a parent to divorce, and they are staggering. They are a disgrace. If anyone else did to our kids what divorce does, wed rightfully scream “child abuse!”

Perhaps the best way to understand the wrongness of no-fault divorce is to invent a situation where the ridiculous illustrates the sublime.

Allow me to introduce Mr. and Mrs. X — the wife is a good woman who has made every human effort to be the perfect wife and mother. The husband is a quasi-alcoholic who abuses his wife mentally and verbally. He is also chronically unfaithful, and at one point gave his wife an STD he caught who knows where. He is, by any and all standards, a terrible father to his innocent children. He spends much of the family finances on a gambling problem. About six months ago he left the house to live with his latest girl friend. His wife, on the other hand, has gotten another part-time job to feed the family — is still faithful — remains a good motherand now, in addition to her motherly duties, must be a father to the children her husband abandoned. The husband files for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.”

And how will they be treated in family court (an oxymoron if there ever was one)? The same. I hope youre starting to feel uncomfortable with the concept of no-fault divorce, because heres the truth. When there is a divorce, someone is at fault. And fairness should dictate that the person who is responsible be held accountable, while the victim, the person who has kept his or her end of the bargain, be held harmless. But the courts see both innocent, both guilty.

It should also alarm us that the profiteers of no-fault divorce are lawyers. They championed the no-fault concept in America knowing full well that they were creating a growing and profitable pool of clients that would never end. Prior to no-fault divorce few lawyers in a community could survive by practicing family law alone. But with no-fault divorce, the majority of lawyers are in that very business.

So we have a historically revealing trend. No-fault divorce benefits the State and lawyers at the expense of families. Now who might want such a scenario? The obvious answer is Satan. He is the one who wants marriages destroyed, and what better way than to grease the skids, thereby making divorce as easy as falling off a log.

America has always had as its backbone the strength of its families — but those days are gone. How sad God must be at our folly, as the Bible says, “For the LORD God of Israel says That He hates divorce, For it covers one’s garment with violence,” Says the LORD of hosts. “Therefore take heed to your spirit, That you do not deal treacherously.” (Malachi 2:16 NKJV)

On one hand we have a law conceived by ruthless Communists and now prosecuted by greedy American lawyers. On the other hand we have our loving God.

And we are paying the price as a nation, because we have chosen the former at the expense of the latter.

The Anatomy of Different Types of Road Accidents

When it comes to driving on the road, accidents occur every day. There are four main types of categories that road accidents fall into. These are accidents that involve animals, accidents that involve bicyclists or pedestrians, accidents that occur at junctions and accidents that are caused by lane departures.

Animal Road Accidents

When driving, especially at night it is important to watch for animals. Deer have been known to cause many accidents. Sometimes accidents that involve animals are limited to your own car and other times other vehicles are involved as well. This type of accident can occur any time an animal jumps in front of your car and you swerve to miss it.

Bicyclists and Pedestrian Road Accidents

There are certain areas of the road where it is more likely that a bicyclist or pedestrian accident may occur. A busy intersection or streets with no sidewalks are two of the most common places for this type of accident to occur. These types of accidents can often lead to serious injuries and possible deaths.

Road Accidents at Junctions

The most common type of accident that occurs at junctions is an angle or side impact or a rear end collision. This happens when a driver does not stop at the intersection and rams into another vehicle. This type of accident can also involve a head on collision when one car crosses into the opposing lane of traffic.

Around half of urban crashes occur at intersections, while only about a third of rural crashes are of this type. The reason for this is because there are simply more junctions in an urban setting. However, the junction accidents that occur in rural areas are typically worse as there are usually higher speeds involved.

Lane Departure Road Accident

The most common outcome of a lane departure accident is a head on collision. This type of collision often causes extremely serious injuries because of the high speeds at which they occur as well as the impact of the vehicles. Head on collisions occur in the greatest number on roads that do not have a separation of lanes, have sharp curves, or roads that are narrow. The highest number of head on collisions typically occurs outside of urban areas.

Preventing Road Accidents

There are several safety measures that can be taken in order to lower the risk of accidents occurring. One way to lower the number of accidents that occur at intersections is to implement a roundabout. This helps slow the speed of traffic through the intersections and reduces the chances of a high speed angle collision occurring.

Installing median barriers is one of the best ways to make roads safer. However, these barriers are extremely expensive. Cheaper ways to reduce accidents on roads is to make sure that the roads are clearly marked and making sure speed limits are reduced. Hard shoulders or safety edges can also be put in place to help reduce the risk of head on collisions on the types of roads that they are most likely to occur on.

Getting a Good Olathe DUI Lawyer will Pay Off in the End

If you are facing a DUI offense, you need a good Olathe DUI lawyer. You want an attorney schooled in the nuances of DUI law. That is not optional if you are going to have any chance of mounting a successful defense. A generic criminal attorney may not understand those nuances. That can spell doom for you. Finding an attorney that specializes in drunk driving cases will ensure you have the best chance possible against these serious charges. Even if you have multiple offenses or caused bodily injury related to the DUI charge, you need an attorney to help you.

You will find a good Olathe DUI lawyer will cost what he is worth. You will find DUI attorneys that advertise they will defend your case for $X amount. The amount seems cheap compared to most attorneys. But, think about it. Why are their rates so much cheaper than others are? The answer is very simple. They handle as many DUI cases as possible. They put their focus on getting as many clients on their case files as possible. But, that is not good news for you. While you might pay less, you will get a cheap defense in the bargain. And that is the last thing you want when facing a DUI charge.

When you realize you are facing a DUI charge, you need to contact an Olathe DUI lawyer in that exact moment. The sooner you have the attorney at your side, the faster your defense begins. The attorney can tell you the process and expedite your flight through it. The attorney can start reviewing the evidence in order to mount a proper defense. While you still must comply with the law officers requests, you can start asking for an attorney the moment they pull you over and start asking questions.

What are the hallmarks of a good Olathe DUI lawyer? That lawyer handles nothing but DUI cases. That lawyer can handle first offenses, multiple offenses, and offenses involving bodily injury. That lawyer has many years of experience when it comes to defending DUI cases. That lawyer will know your name and your case whenever you call him for information. And that lawyer will be there every step of the way throughout the entire process. Use these hallmarks to find the right DUI attorney for your situation.

Locating a Naples Divorce Lawyer Who will Get Your Legal Issue Settled along with your Daily life Back On track

Seeking and choosing the proper Naples divorce attorney can help you save you 1000’s of dollars and provide you while using greatest legal tips to help you you with a honest and just settlement for your circumstance. You’ll want to uncover a spouse and children law expert who is aware of the law and might deliver you using the best in legal counseling. This can conceivably be the most vital decision generating course of action of your living involving equally finances and legal settlements that should have an affect on your foreseeable future and total daily life. You wish to be sure which you hold the proper representation on your protection underneath the regulation. You’ll want to locate a lawyer with experience and who will have your most effective interests for this legal approach.

The most beneficial tactic to facing relatives legal issues which include divorce is always to come across somebody with encounter as well as the information to present your circumstance in court. It can be important to search out legal aid that should make sure your greatest interests for any type of settlement below the regulation. You wish somebody who will likely be with you just about every phase on the way and supply you with all of your legal options for a just finish for your divorce.

By picking out the proper law firm you’ll obtain and get total explanations of one’s case every single phase on the way and all of your solutions which might be accessible for you. You need to also be expecting and are worthy of prompt solutions to all of your current calls, e-mails, or messages out of your lawyer or legal assistant. Your circumstance is of prime benefits and it ought to be dealt with swiftly and efficiently with expert cure in every single predicament. All through every phase of your case you’ve the best to count on complete explanations of precisely what is going on with just about every legal treatment that is definitely released by both sides. You happen to be also entitled to very clear per month invoices that supply a crystal clear specific explanation of your get the job done which has been completed. You will gain peace of mind being aware of that anything is getting executed possible to handle your case together with the dignity and expert care it deserves.

Hire a lawyer who has an enormous array in divorce regulation and family members apply. Expertise is most likely the true secret issue to choosing an attorney who know the enterprise of divorce. The primary skills of the law firm you retain the services of really should be divorce for your greatest representation. You’ll be able to also locate previous client testimonies that could present you details and clues into the functionality of the lawyer. Ensure that to study these testimonies when searching for a lawyer to signify you. Be certain to locate an attorney using a history of achievements and one who has an outstanding popularity from other customers.

What to ask your no win no fee lawyers

Youve been injured but cant afford the fees and expense that accompany the assistance of a lawyer, so youve decided to hire a no win no fee lawyer. But before you begin your search for the right man or woman for the job, you should know which questions to ask to ensure that youve hired a real winner to represent you.

Five questions you should ask

You should always work with a solicitor that makes you feel comfortable and that encourages you to ask them questions that are directly related to your case, or any others that you may have. While you should also come up with questions on your own, here are a few must-haves that can really help you.

Can you review the agreement and return it later- Its often stated that, “the devil is in the details” and this is often true when it comes to legal documents. Dont sign anything that you have not had the opportunity to review at your leisure.

How long have they been practicing law and offering their services in the no win no area of specialization?-Experience is important when you are attempting to win high dollar claims for individuals. Insurance companies hire lawyers that are highly skilled and at the top of the field in winning no win no fee compensation claims, so its important that you find a lawyer who can hold their own against them.

What are their fees and expenses?- Although you wont have to pay unless you win, youll need to be clear on the amount of money youll owe for other expenses like research, exams, and testing.

Who pays, if you lose? – No one wants to lose, but unfortunately someone will. And if that person is you, youll need to know beforehand what expenses you could be potentially facing. In most no win no fee cases, the losing party is responsible for paying the costs of the winning side. Many lawyers carry insurance to prevent their party from having to take on these expenses, but some do not. So make sure to ask.

How long will the process take?- It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how long it will take for your claim to be settled, but an experienced lawyer should be able to provide you with an estimated time frame. Knowing how long it may take for your settlement is important because it can affect when you are able to return to work, your finances, and even your health.

Immigration Lawyers Tampa Tampa Immigration Lawyers

There are a few different ways a United States citizen can marry someone from another country and it will be legal. Marrying someone from another country is okay in the U.S. governments eyes, as long as it is done for the right reasons- love. One story I read is about a Tampa couple who went through a nightmare while being interviewed at the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services office, and had to end up hiring an immigration lawyer in Tampa where they lived.

While at the meeting agents pounded them with questions, many the couple were not in agreement with each other, and accused the marriage of being a sham. The Tampa immigration lawyer who accepted their case said he believes the couple married for love, and says he turns down cases where the parties admit they married solely for the purpose of the immigrant receiving a green card. There were plenty of people willing to testify the marriage was real. I dont know the outcome after the Tampa immigration lawyer filed an appeal, but the woman was first denied her green card.

This goes to show how serious the U.S. is about stopping illegal immigrants from entering the U.S., where usually the citizen is paid to get married. At the time (2007), the head of the Office of Fraud Detection and National Security said the going rate for one of these arranged marriages was between $10,000 and $35,000- definitely not pocket change.

The agents said there are ways they can tell if the marriage is a sham- living in separate bedrooms, no joint checking accounts, no bills in both names, and more. In the mentioned article it said there have been two major busts involving sham marriages. I am sure more than one Tampa immigration lawyer was contacted, plus those out of Tampa and even Florida, and all were busy because they were big operations and involved many citizens and immigrants in a number of different states.

If a U.S. citizen marries someone while in another country, and the country recognizes it, the marriage will be considered valid by the U.S. government; mainly because other countries are stricter about marriage than the U.S. A U.S. citizen may also apply for a K-1 fiance visa, which is used to provide the citizens fiance entry into the U.S. for the purpose of marriage. The couple must have seen each other within the past two years, although some exceptions apply (such as a country where it is customary not to see each other before marriage), and once the fiance is in the U.S. the couple must marry within 90 days.

Fiance (k-1) visas usually take anywhere from 3 to 4 months to get approved, providing everything is correct and all items check out. However, it is not uncommon for paperwork to be incorrect and there can be a significant time delay- sometimes up to or exceeding 12 months. This is one specialty of immigration lawyers in Tampa and every other city in the United States- making sure paperwork is correct, being a representative for the couple to overcome obstacles, and help speed up the process.

If someone is visiting from another country; via work, travel, or a student visas, then meets a U.S. citizen and they plan to marry, the foreigner can file for an adjustment of status from a non-immigrant to a permanent resident. If a foreigner comes to the U.S. with the intention on marrying a U.S. citizen, but enters the U.S. using a non-immigrant visa (travel or student), the non-immigrant will have to go back to his or her home country and apply for a K-1 visa or risk legal problems.

Some of the charges an issue like the one in the paragraph above, as well as marrying for money or for a green card, the parties can face are visa fraud, falsifying documents, marriage fraud, conspiracy, and making false statements. According to the head of the Office of Fraud Detection and National Security, when threatened with these charges and a 15-30 year prison sentence the U.S. citizen involved usually cracks if the marriage is a sham. He also said 95% of fraud in the Tampa area is marriage fraud, which is definitely keeping immigration lawyers in Tampa busy!

How to Choose a Qualified and Experienced Minnesota Criminal Lawyer

If you are ever charged with committing a criminal offense, one of the first things you should do is contact a dependable Minnesota criminal lawyer. It is always best to obtain the professional assistance of a Minnesota criminal attorney as he or she will know the best tactics to prepare your defense. An attorney is a professional who is well aware of the procedures of the court and the relevant laws and can thus prove to be of immense help to those who have been charged with such criminal offense as DUI etc.

Your selection of a Minnesota criminal lawyer will be one of the most important and crucial decisions youll make as you prepare your defense. Once you hire a Minneapolis criminal attorney, you are effectively relying on his or her professional expertise and acumen to guide you through the legal maze. Experienced legal professionals will advise that preparing your best defense with regard to serious criminal charges starts early in the criminal process.

What this means is that your choice of a Minneapolis criminal lawyer will determine how your case is approached and handled from every legal aspect and perspective. Although it may seem like an easy process, it is extremely crucial to take your time and exhaust all efforts in your search of a Minnesota criminal lawyer to represent you in court. One approach is to visit the law firms professional website that is set up and maintained by the successful Minneapolis criminal attorney.

For instance, if you are charged with a DWI offense, you can look for the experience that the Minnesota DWI attorney has in dealing with cases of a similar nature. Most of the leading and well established attorneys provide detailed case studies that you can use as a reference in determining whether this particular Minnesota DWI lawyer will be suitable for your legal requirements. You can also contact the Minnesota DWI attorney and schedule an appointment for discussing the particulars of your case with him. This will also give you a chance of assessing the capabilities of the attorney.

The Minnesota criminal attorney that you approach for managing your defense may require your assistance in deciding the line of defense that is best for securing a favorable outcome once you case comes up for hearing. After the alternatives are presented to you, a final decision may be taken as to the best line of defense in consultation with your legal defense team. Once you have made your selection of your Minnesota criminal lawyer, you can be assured of a reasonable chance of getting a good outcome in the criminal proceedings that has been initiated against you in the court of law.

New York Workplace Accident Lawyer

Workplace accidents happen more than what people realize. If a workplace accident should happen to you and you live in New York, you will need a New York workplace accident lawyer. If you hire a New York workplace accident lawyer, you will be more likely to get the compensation that you deserve for your time lost at work and any pain or suffering.

Do You Need to Hire a New York Workplace Accident Lawyer?

If you got hurt on the job, and you end up losing time at work and have medical bills because of the accident, you need to hire a New York workplace accident lawyer. Additionally, if you filed for Worker’s Compensation and were denied, you need to hire a New York workplace accident lawyer. You will also need a New York workplace accident lawyer is if you are discriminated against because you got hurt on the job. An example of this would be having your hours cut or getting fired because you got hurt on the job. If you want to get all the compensation you deserve after getting hurt on the job, hire a New York workplace accident lawyer.

Workplace Accident Cases

There are many types of workplace injuries that could occur where you would need an accident lawyer.

* Slips and trips. Many work related accidents are from slipping and tripping over work tools or on wet floors. Many times there are even just dents in the floor of your workplace that could cause you to trip and get hurt. If you fall at work, and get hurt, be sure to contact a New York workplace accident lawyer.

* Falling from heights. Falling from heights is a common injury, especially on construction jobs. If you get hurt from falling from heights on a construction job, make sure to call a New York Construction Injury Lawyer.

* Objects falling. Objects falling from heights or off shelves are another common workplace injury. Contact a New York workplace accident attorney, so that you can be recompensed for any medical expenses, loss time at work, and your pain and suffering.

There are other ways to get hurt on the job, such as electrocution or getting hurt in a car accident on the way to work or in a company vehicle. It does not matter how you got hurt on the job, make sure to get a contact a New York workplace accident attorney if you got hurt.

Finding a New York Workplace Accident Attorney

If you have a workplace related accident, you can find a New York workplace accident attorney by look through your local phone book, watching local television commercials or searching the Internet. Once you find a few accident attorneys, be sure to talk to more than one so you will pick the right New York workplace accident attorneys. There are different accident lawyers that specialize in different types of personal injury. You want the best New York workplace accident attorney that will get you the most compensation for your injuries.

Getting The Legal Help You Need When Facing A Divorce

Marriages are not usually made in heaven and these in turn could sour and be a extremely difficult experience for the couple. Absolutely, you wouldn’t want your marriage to follow this direction however there’ll always be a point when your relationship with your spouse could begin to fall apart. When you are not able to discover ways to preserve it, divorce could be the only alternative.

For Utah divorce proceedings to be initiated, it is advisable to acquire legal help right away. It is a fact that the laws, while respecting the individuals choice, also make an effort to guard marriage as an institution. That’s the reason legal procedures can be difficult before couples can break up their marriages as a result of a divorce.

It is each and every estranged couples desire to have an friendly split. Nevertheless, it’s obvious this does not often happen. The truth is, there have been many divorce cases that took very long to finish. One of the main reasons for this is that either side might not accept it in the hope of still saving the relationship.

One other reason for a Utah divorce proceeding to last long is that often settlements resulting from the separation may not be quickly reached. The normal offenders for these are the stumbling blocks in reaching consensus regarding property division, child custody and support, parental time, and alimony. This is why divorcing couples will need the services of capable lawyers to represent each of them.

When the attorneys are quite good at their jobs, then they can aid the respective parties reach a settlement with little hassle. Needless to say, I am not saying that the success of the proceeding sits completely on the hands of the attorneys. The parties also must understand one another without having to give up their fundamental legal rights.

However, if the proceeding becomes ugly because of big fights that can’t be settled easily, then there exists more reason for you to hire the top Utah divorce lawyers. This is where you cannot allow yourself be deprived of your privileges and of stuff that you consider to be rightfully yours. By acquiring the top lawyers, you can be assured of having a fair procedure.

It doesn’t matter how good the Utah divorce lawyer which you hired is, the potential of getting a divorce with some problems still unresolved is a strong possibility. After all, you might want to be divorced quickly and deal with these unresolved issues later. Concerns like alimony and property division may still need to be handled although you’re already officially divorced.

If you finally reach a point where both you and your ex-spouse have discussed and reached settlements in previously unresolved issues, you can contact a Utah divorce lawyer again that will help you thru the whole process of a stipulated divorce. However, you can only proceed on this for those who have already filed a divorce in the state of Utah.