Child Abduction Regulations in Cyprus

Parental care is the right and duty given to both parents, to take important decisions concerning the life of their children. In Cyprus, parental care is regulated by Law 216/1990. Based on the provisions of this Law, both parents have the right to have a contact with their children.
Additionally, the Law 216/1990 regulates issues related to parental care and divorce, i.e. contact between children and parents.

In the case of international couples, one of the parents may decide to leave the country together with the children. Nevertheless, none of the parents can travel together with the children without the consent of the other parent. That is to say, if the one parent left the country together with the children, without other parents consent, then, this action is considered as child abduction, based on the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

As a result, you may launch legal proceedings against your current or ex-husband/wife/partner if:
a.He/she left the country together with the kids, without your consent.
b.You gave him/her your authorization to go on holidays with the kids, but he/she never returned or he/she prolonged the agreed period for a visit to a foreign country.

By the time the legal proceedings are launched in the country where the children were abducted, the Courts of that country will order the children to be returned.

In addition, it is recommended to include your childrens names in the stop-list. As a result, your current or ex-husband/wife/partner will not be able to leave the country together with the children, without your permission.

Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction:
According to article 1, the objectives of the Convention are :
1.”to secure the prompt return of children wrongfully removed to or retained in any Contracting State ensure that rights of custody and of access under the law of one Contracting State are effectively respected in the other Contracting States”.

The Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is applicable in Cyprus because Cyprus is a signatory to the Convention. Based on article 6 of the Convention, in case your current or ex-husband/wife/partner has abducted your children, then you may file an application through the designated Central Authority. In Cyprus, the Designated Authority is the Minister of Justice and Public Order.

What you should do:
Firstly, you should immediately go to the police and seek a professional legal support. Our family lawyers will assist you with the necessary legal procedures so that to help you to get your children back. Secondly, you should avoid sharing information with unnecessary parties. In other words, it is advisable to share information only with your lawyer and state authorities.

In order to support your case properly you will need to prove that:
You are the legal guardian.
Your childrens residence is Cyprus.
You have not given your consent to your current or ex-husband/wife/partner to leave the country together with the children, or he/she prolonged the agreed period for a visit to a foreign country without your permission.

Ask for legal support:
In case, your current or ex-husband/wife/ partner abducted your children, then contact a family lawyer. The lawyer will examine your case thoroughly so that to provide you an adequate legal support.

A View On Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal lawyer is one who is expertise in handling different types of case and law related to crime. The ultimate task of this law person is to offer its services to the people who are been charged under the crime act and sue the accused for such crime. On the other hand, the basic idea of using the services of qualified law person is to get a lawyer for ourselves whose work is to fight for us and to achieve success in the courtroom. As it is a known fact that there are many sections included in the criminal law there are various categories too which are involved in criminal lawyers.

The selection of law person is based upon the category of the crime and the issue under which the person has been charged for committing the crime. Thus to help you in finding out the best criminal lawyer, it is very essential for you to know various sections and categories involved in the crime.


Those individuals who are charged for committing crime such has abduction, murder, hit and run, sex violence, theft, rape, and domestic violence and other such type of crime will be looking for the person who is experienced in dealing such cases in court. A criminal defense lawyer is one such person who will offer its service to those people that are charged under these kinds of crimes. Such qualified persons will first start off their services by having a conversation with the accused party. From such communication they will try to investigate on various points and will come to know the exact details of the event. These law protecting people are always high in demand as for the reason they are the one who fight for the justice on behalf of accused.

After having a conversation and listening to their clients view on the event these lawyers will start off with their research work to collect more data and evidences so that they are able to prepare for proceedings in the court. They will look into each fact very deeply and will clearly so that they come to know as why such crime has taken place. The proceeding will keep on taking place unless and until the accused himself accepts the crime and term himself as a guiltly. If not the law person will find out various evidence which are related to case and will fight for the justice.


The criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer who uses to perform following steps: -investigating the case -producing warrants for search -examining and prepare the arrest complaint -measure of inadequacy or assertion -performing for bail or plea bargains -conducting trials

The last task of the law person is to make an appeal on behalf of the accused. The defense lawyer is permitted to make a petition to only one level of the appellate court.